2018 Girls Tyker A Team Extended Program Tryouts

Dear Girls Lacrosse Parents, 

We are excited to announce that we will be continuing the Tyker A (Travel) lacrosse program in 2018 giving the girls the opportunity to play in an extended season against other lacrosse clubs in our area. Tryouts for this team will be in the evenings of Sunday August 27th and Sunday September 10 (time and location TBD). Registration for the tryouts is required so that we can gauge the interest in forming the team now. You can register through the Catonsville Lacrosse website by following the link below and we ask that you do this prior to August 25th. 


To participate players must be no older than 8 on September 1st 2017 for TYKER. Program questions can be directed to Jessica Altmann at jessaltmann@yahoo.com

Below is a very detailed email, that will explain the following about the extended season: 
1) Our goal 
2) The program 
3) The next steps 

The mission is to expand the Catonsville Girl's Lacrosse Club, by creating a cost effective and comprehensive expanded program that utilizes the preexisting CLC backbone. It is our goal for our girls to play, learn and grow with their friends in the community. We are focused on four core values: 

  1. Local - Our first priority is to give our girls the opportunity to play with their local friends. We have very fond memories of playing rec council sports with our neighborhood friends when we were young. We want our children to have this same experience and get them to play with the amazing talent in our community. Catonsville has the talent, the resources, the coaches and the systems already in place to be very competitive at a fraction of the cost and time of other organizations.
  2. Well Rounded Players - Year-round lacrosse play will not be mandatory. Our girls are at an impressionable age and although lacrosse is a love of ours, they need to determine on their own if they will have the same love for this sport. To do this, they need to have other experiences so that they can learn from other great coaches who will work on their hand eye coordination, teamwork, fine motor skills, conditioning, field sense, etc. which will benefit them in any sport that they play in the future. We want our girls to have a well-rounded athletic experience without feeling the pressure to excel and concentrate on only one sport at such a young age.
  3. Low Cost - Because we are a rec council program, we are not and cannot be a for-profit venture. All CLC staff members are volunteers, no one is paid for their services or their time, resulting in your fees going directly to pay for the actual costs of the program. We are expecting the cost to be approximately $400 per player that will include the items listed in THE PROGRAM below. If there are additional costs for extra tournaments, team gear, etc., the cost will first be communicated to the team and then voted on as a team.
  4. Coaching - Next year's 2017 Tyker team will be coached by Jessica Altmann. Jessica is a previous Division One lacrosse player and plans to create a hard working environment that is grounded on having fun and positive reinforcement. The season will focus on proper skills, confidence and teamwork to be successful players and have fun while doing it. Based on the players selected for the team, assistant coach(es) will be join the coaching staff as well.  

The Tyker A team will be created by holding tryouts for those girls who want to be a part of this elite Catonsville Lacrosse program. The team will be playing in an expanded program that includes the following schedule: 

Fall Season

  • Have your daughter play another fun sport or activity, so that she becomes a well-rounded athlete.
  • We will hold practices in October-November for girls that make the team and are available. Fall sports/activities have priority. But this is a time when the girls can get to know each other as teammates.  So fall practices are encouraged, but are not mandatory.

Winter - We are aiming for some January practices at an indoor facility. Availability and details are all TBD.

Spring Season

  • Two practices per week
  • Saturday games within the MYLA A-team bracket competing against other rec council "A" teams
  • Tournaments - We will play in a minimum of three Spring tournaments. This could be expanded based on interest. Our goal is for the lacrosse season to be over before July 4th 

NOTE: **All Spring practices, games and tournaments are mandatory for those girls that make the A teams. We want our children to be able to play with their talented neighbors and friends. To do this we must have a commitment from those players that in the Spring, this program is their priority.** 

Tryouts for this extended program will be held in the evenings of August 27st and September 10th. Exact times and locations will be determined shortly. We encourage you to attend both tryouts if possible. You must register prior to August 25th for the tryouts through the Catonsville Lacrosse website by using the link below. We encourage you to register as soon as possible and tryouts are FREE. 


We realize that there are many options where your child can play competitive lacrosse. We are confident that with our local community support, the commitment from our coaches and your child's commitment to CLC, we can create a competitive, successful and long lasting program that will provide development of skills, great competition, coaching continuity, all while maintaining a positive, fun environment. 

We look forward to creating this extended lacrosse program with you and your daughter! 

Catonsville Lacrosse Club