2018 Boys Extended Program Tryouts

Catonsville Boys Lacrosse Families,

This past lacrosse season, the Boys Lightning A and Tyker Travel team experimented with extended play. For the Tyker travel team, this meant more intense and directed practices as well as play in multiple end of season tournaments. For the Lightning A team, this meant participation in both the MYLA Saturday league as well as the Sunday HOCO Club league. The Lightning A team also participated in 3 end of season tournaments. I am pleased to announce that this new endeavor was a big success. For that reason, we will continue this program moving forward. Having said this, there will some changes to the program to better reflect the changing landscape of youth lacrosse.

Our Vision: To give parents and players an option to participate in competitive club lacrosse at a fraction of the cost and maintaining the community aspect of the sport.

Tyker Travel will still operate as a two-year team (second and third grade depending on birth date). For the older teams, the intention is that the teams that will participate in this extended program will be single year teams. This means that there will be a 4th grade team, a 5th grade team and a 6th grade team. You will need to register for try-outs.

Please go to the following links on the Catonsville Lacrosse Club site and follow the directions on how to register for try-outs. Please keep in mind that you are not registering for the upcoming season, just for try-outs.


For those that are not familiar with this elevated program, here are some of the details:

*** Teams will practice twice per week.
*** Teams will play in the Saturday MYLA lacrosse league like normal
*** Depending on the year, teams may also play in the Sunday HOCO Club Lacrosse League
*** Teams will play in multiple end-of-year tournaments and travel may be required.The amount of tournaments depends on the age group.
*** All games and tournaments are mandatory for kids that accept a position on one of these teams
*** Try-outs are held and attendance is mandatory
*** In addition to normal registration fees, players will be required to pay extra fees.These additional fees will go directly towards league and tournament fees.
*** Players that play for these teams are expected to practice on their own outside of normal team activities
*** In order to try-out for these teams, registration on the Club website is required.Directions on how to do so will follow in the next couple of weeks.
*** Try-outs will take place in August and the dates and times are listed below.

Goalies are always the most difficult position to fill. If your son is interested in trying out for goalie, please inform the organizers ahead of time by emailing Matt Hipszer at mhipszer@gmail.com.

If you are not interested in trying out for one of these teams, regular evaluations will be held at the end of October or early November like normal.

Try-Out Dates & Times at the Turf Field at Spring Grove (55 Wade Avenue):
Tyker: Sat 8/12 2PM-3:30PM and/or Sat 8/19 8:30AM-10AM
4th grade: Sat. 8/12 12PM-1:30PM and/or Sun 8/20 3:00PM-4:30PM
5th grade: Sun. 8/13 3:30PM-5PM and/or Sun 8/20 6:30PM-8PM
6th grade: Sun. 8/13 5:00PM-6:30PM and/or Sun 8/20 5:00PM-6:30PM

Greg Gentner
Catonsville Lacrosse Club, President