• When does registration usually open?
    Registration for the following season usually opens on/around September 1 of the prior year...
  • How long is the regular season?
    The regular season is different for each program - please check with the coordinator for each program (on the programs page) for actual dates...
  • What is the date for age eligiblity for the age groups?
    The age for eligibility for each of our programs is based on the Age & Eligibility Guide from US Lacrosse (http://www.uslacrosse.org/rules.aspx), which specifies the age cut-off date of August 31st of the previous year for the following year's Spring season.  For example, if a player is 4 years old on August 31st of 2015, then he or she is eligible to participate in the Soft Sticks program in the Spring of 2016.
  • When are games played?
    All games are played during the spring. Games start on Saturdays beginning in April. For the lightning, midget and juniors age groups all games are played either Saturday or Sunday.  This is determined by each teams MYLA game schedule.  Clinic and tyker games are played on Saturday mornings starting in April.
  • What are the age groups?
    See Programs
  • When are the CLC Board meetings and who can attend?
    Board Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of every month.  Anyone that has a child registered in any of the CLC programs can attend the board meetings.  Locations and times may vary.  For meeting details, email the CLC President.
  • Are uniforms provided?
    Yes, each player will receive a jersey and shorts.
  • Is equipment provided by the CLC (Catonsville Lacrosse Club)?
    No.  It is each players responsibilty to get their own equipment.  However, for the boys clinic and tyker age groups the CLC will provide helmets if necessary.
  • Where are the games played?
    For the lightning, midget and juniors age groups all games are played in the MYLA travel league. Half of the games are played in Catonsville and the other throughout Baltimore, Howard, Hartford and Carroll Counties.  Clinic and tyker games are played in Catonsville.
  • Who do I contact if I am interested in coaching?
    1. Register here: https://tshq.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1830282
    2. Contact the girls or boys coordinator(s)/director(s) listed here: http://www.catonsvillelax.org/programs
  • Is experience necessary to coach a team?
    No, just a willingness to have fun.
  • Are there try-outs and or cuts made for teams?
    This is a recreational league and there are no cuts. Everyone is welcome to play. There are player evaluations prior to the season starting to gauge everyone's experience level for proper placement on a team.
  • How many practices are there during the week?
    There are 1-2 practices during the week. It is up to the coach.
  • What if I cannot register online?
    Email the girls or boys director and they will help you get registered.
  • What equipment do I need to play girls or boys lacrosse?
    • For girls lacrosse you need the following: Protective Eye Goggles (US Lacrosse Approved), Mouth Guard, Girls Lacrosse Stick, and Cleats (recommended)
    • For boys lacrosse you need the following: Helmet, Mouth Guard, Boys Lacrosse Stick, Arm Pads, Gloves, Chest Protector (goalies), Shoulder Protector and Cleats (recommended)